How does this site work?

  1. Register
  2. Create a listing for the vehicle you would like to trade/sell
  3. Search for the vehicle you are interested in trading for. If your perfect match did not bring any results it will show the closest make, model available. If something catches your eye you can reach out to the owner and ask if he or she would be interested in your trade. When a Perfect
    match is found, you can now work out the details with the other owner. If you do not have a vehicle to trade you can always make an offer directly to the owner of the vehicle.

How much does this cost?

It is Free to register and to look around. If you like our site and you think it can bring a big value & service your way then click our pricing tab at the top of the page and select one of our low cost package options.

How do I list my car after signing up?

  1.  After signing up for your account you will receive an email confirmation link.
  2. Click on the link in your email
  3. Once you click on the link it will bring you back to your login page.
  4. Once on that page click the login button at the top of the page, and login to your account using the user and password that you created.
  5. Once you log in, Click the green “Add a car” button at the top of the page to start listing your vehicle. You will then choose your listing package.

What if I’m dissatisfied with my trade / purchase?

We hope every transaction runs smoothly, and we make sure that our site and your experience is secure and friendly. We are also aware that not everyone plays evenly so it would be in your best interest to utilize a car inspection company before making any trade or purchase. Utrade Auto LLC dba, EZ assumes no responsibility for problems arising from the exchange or sale of vehicles initiated on our site. Our site is solely to provide a car matching experience and to bring car enthusiasts together to make a possible transaction. Please read the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy carefully.

Do I have to be a registered member to Trade/Sell a vehicle?

Registration is required to Trade vehicles on this site.

How will buyers contact me about my car?

We provide a contact form for every listing. Potential traders/buyers fill out the form, submit it and the information is automatically sent to the email address you specify. You remain anonymous – except for your first name + last initial  or create a user name until you decide to make contact.

How will EZ Cartrade protect my privacy?

Your privacy is important to us. Your phone number, email address, and any personal contact information that you provide are never visible on your ad unless you choose to have it visible. We also secure your personal information using industry-standard (SSL) encryption.

Does EZ Cartrade take a percentage of the final purchase price?

We do not take a percentage of the final sale as some of our competitors do. EZ Cartrade only charges a small listing fee to use our service. We offer great low-cost listing packages for everyone’s needs. You can find our pricing packages here.

What are the most common scams you may encounter when selling your car yourself?

These are the most common scams fraudsters may try to use:

  • Fake, forged or counterfeit cashier’s check, certified check, money order, or wire
  • Offers to pay by personal check
  • Offering to buy the car sight-unseen
  • The fake shipping scam: A potential buyer who insists on shipping a seller’s car internationally or across the country
  • Distant buyers either overseas or on a “business trip”
  • Offers to pay “asap” via Pay Pal, gift card, Cash. Me, Venmo, or other online payment service
  • Overpayment scam, which may sometimes include a third-party website or entity
  • Payment plan