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We’ve been working hard to create something special just for you.

Here at EZ Cartrade, We are a family owned and operated business. We love cars, and wanted to bring the integrity back to Trading/Selling/ or purchasing a vehicle. We have traded and purchased our own personal vehicles for over 30 years. We thought this would be a great platform to help consumers and enthusiasts save money finding that perfect vehicle that fits their needs. We wanted to bring something fresh & new to the world. We know trading cars is a serious business, and we wanted to develop a site where you can securely trade your auto with another trader without all of the fuss and headaches.

This is the only site where you can truly trade/sell/or purchase your vehicle all in one place. Remember someone is always looking for your current ride. We do the hard work so you can have a great experience cruising our site.

We hope that you will take a look around and find that we are the #1 source for Trading and selling cars. Remember our slogan:

“We find the match-You make the trade”

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Anthony Bua
Co- Founder CEO
Frank Fragomeni
Public Relations Manager
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Account Exec.
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Jasmine Lara
Account Exec.
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Dealer Account Exec.
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Creative Content Manager